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Overview - Art 1


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Mrs. Carter's - Art 1

The purpose of Art 1 is to provide each student with basic art experience developing his or her knowledge of design and drawing on which to build visual thinking skills, increase knowledge of historical and contemporary art forms, enhance technical approaches for use of materials, as well as further develop methods for channeling creative energies that encourage a life-time of personal artistic expression. This class is designed to teach students several methods of drawing and painting, as well as understanding of elements and principles of design. Students will also learn about historical styles and art terminology.

Some Common Course Objectives

  • Students will identify and understand the elements of art, including line, shape, color, texture, form, space, and value, as the fundamentals of art in personal artwork;
  • Students will consider concepts and ideas from direct observation, original sources, experiences, and imagination for original artwork.
  • Students will identify and understand the principles of design, including emphasis, repetition/pattern, movement/rhythm, contrast/variety, balance, proportion, and unity, in personal artwork.
  • Students will demonstrate planning and patience by carrying through a project in a multi-step process while maintaining the integrity of the work area.
  • Students will make judgments about the expressive properties such as content, meaning, message, and metaphor of artwork using art vocabulary accurately.
  • Students will present their completed work in a professional manner.
  • Students will create original artwork to communicate thoughts, feelings, ideas, or impressions.
  • Objectives/Outcomes established by teacher. 

Hard work, motivation, ambition, creativity and engagement related to the individual assignments, discussions, and critiques. Active engagement will definitely influence your grade, but more importantly the quality of your work.

Visual Communication:
Does your work project reflect what you intended?  What design elements (line, shape, form, texture, color, rhythm, balance and proportion) did you use here?  Were they effective in helping you create a successful work of art?

Are you challenging yourself? Did you sketch ideas in your notebook, look at other artists for inspiration, do research?

Do you care about your work? Are you in control of the materials or are they in control of you? Are you using the techniques and processes to the best of your ability?

Verbal Communication:
Critiques are an important aspect of studio art classes. During critiques we can learn to use art vocabulary. Most importantly we can offer helpful and insightful constructive criticism concerning your work and your classmates. Your input and engagement in critiques is one of the most apparent indicators of your involvement, understanding and learning in this class.

Time Management:|
Have you given yourself enough time to work on and complete your project, or did you just throw the project together at the last minute? Have you finished the project by the critique deadline?

Grading System

  • Classroom participation (work performance in class, attendance, attentiveness, receptiveness, progress, productivity, timely completion, neatness, presentation)
  • Understanding of the concept and objectives of the assignments
  • Technical ability (use of tools and technique, quality of craftsmanship)
  • Visual impact, Creativity, and Expressiveness
  • Composition ( balance, rhythm, movement, form, texture, line, space, and color) 

Attendance:  The nature of this course, which depends almost entirely on studio hours, makes it mandatory that you attend every day. You need to be here to get a grade. You are permitted three absences. If you have four absences it could drop you one letter grade. There will be no differentiation made between excused and unexcused absences. If you are out for extra-curricular absences you will need to come in early or stay after school to make up time missed, so your grade will not drop (schedule ahead of time with Mrs. Carter).

Unlike other subjects, there isn’t much you can do at home. Therefore, TIME in the studio is VERY IMPORTANT!


Persistent tardiness or leaving class early is not acceptable (Three tardies equates to one absence). This is a studio course, so it is required that you be in class on time and participate.