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Classroom Rules


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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I want you to know my philosophy on discipline and rules. I try to take care of any problems in the classroom first. I believe consistency is the key to great behavior. My rules are based upon good manners. We will be practicing these rules in the classroom so that your child understands what each rule means. They are:

1)      Follow directions the first time

2)      Do not interrupt

3)      Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

4)      Use kind words with each other

5)      Stay in your area

Each child has a clothespin with their number on it. Each day is a new day so clips start over daily. If a child chooses not to follow the rules:

a.       Verbal reminder      

b.       Move clothespin to W                            Warning (Green)

c.       Move clothespin to 1                              Loss of 5 min. playing time at recess (Yellow)    

d.       Move clothespin to 2                              Loss of 10 min. playing time at recess (Red)

e.       Move clothespin to 3                              Parent contact-email, phone call, text message (blue)   f.        Further Problems                                     Office

Fighting, blatant disrespect, or stopping the class from functioning will be an immediate office referral. Each color change results in points taken off your child’s conduct grade for the six weeks. Green (1 pt.), Yellow (2pts.), Red (4 pts.), and Office (5 pts.) ISS (10 pts).   Your child will have the first week of school to get used to the discipline plan.  Points will start being deducted from your child’s conduct grade starting the second week of school.

There will be two Citizenship Awards given by our counselor, Mrs. Bingham, each six weeks. The students will be selected, by the classroom teacher, based on various observations, such as class effort and participation, character, leadership, etc.

Each day I will send home their daily folder with a behavior calendar in it. If your child had to move their clip, it will be noted in their folder. If they didn’t have to move their clip, they will get a stamp/sticker for that day. Please check the folder daily and initial it!!!!

However, I do not want to just focus on the negative behavior. I have a “monkey chart”. Your child will be able to put a monkey sticker on their chart for good behavior, listening, helping others, etc. When they fill up their chart, they will pick a prize from the surprise box. I also send home happy notes. I will choose a student(s) daily for the happy note to bring home. They love the happy notes J

Thank you,

Mrs. Scott