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Theatre Arts Syllabus


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Theatre Arts I & II

Welcome to Theatre Arts!  In this class you will experience many different aspects of theatre.  The goal this year is to improve your performance level, your knowledge of theatre, and most of all your self-confidence.  You will study acting, improvisation, design, history, and film.  You will also learn appropriate audience etiquette and how to critique others’ performances and productions.  You are required to participate in order to receive a passing grade. J  A positive attitude and willingness to try makes ALL the difference in your success in this class (and in everything you do!).

You WILL be required to MEMORIZE often. This is acting!  You don’t go to the movies and see actors reading from a script.  You will learn to be BELIEVABLE and truthful to your audience, and be proud of your accomplishments.  It isn’t easy, but it is fun!  Plus, analyzing and memorizing scripts allows you to become a more fluent reader and writer!


Folder to keep papers in (brads and pockets)

Notebook paper/pencil/pen

Colored pencils


Participation 35%

Written daily work 20%

Tests/performances/Final projects 45%

It is very important for you to be present in class.  You will often have classmates counting on you to rehearse scenes or work on group projects.  


  2. Come to class PREPARED and on time.
  3. NO FOOD or drinks.
  4. If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.
  5. No profanity.
  6. Follow school rules the same as you do other classes.
  7. Phones allowed only at teacher discretion.


  1. Warning by teacher
  2. Parent/guardian contact
  3. Referral




All students will be required to participate in a class performance in the Spring.  Mark the date, as this performance will count as the second semester test grade.  Students will be required to audition, and do not have to act on stage.  Students may choose to work on the stage crew for credit. J

Performance date:  (to be announced)

I look forward to an awesome year!

-Amber Jones



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