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Advanced English 1 Syllabus


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Instructor:  Amber Jones

School:  643-4593 

Email: amber.jones@earlyisd.net

Conference:  2nd period 8:50-9:40

Advanced English I Syllabus

I invite you to the feast of literature, the banquet of discussion, and the celebration of thought!  Get ready to WRITE with CONVICTION and READ for UNDERSTANDING!

You will be provided with methods to cultivate your language through writing and discussion.  Literature of merit provides a reason to communicate.  Literature is a mode of knowledge—a way of understanding our world and recognizing what it means to be human.


1 ½ inch binder with brads and pockets

2 composition books

Notebook paper

Sticky notes

Blue or black pen

Colored pens for annotating


Supplemental text:  Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton

The school will provide your novels, but you may wish to purchase your own so you can write and annotate in them.


50% WRITING:  Multi-draft essays, timed writings, the writing process, projects

25% READING:  Open-ended responses to reading passages, reading response journals,

                            reading quizzes, annotations, STAAR applied practice

25% PARTICIPATION:  Daily work, large and small group discussions, mini-lessons over

                                Grammar and mechanics, writing journal entries, learning activities

You will receive 1 coupon per 6 weeks that may be used on assignments (not applicable to timed writings or writing required for a learning activity).  You may use it to turn in your assignment one day late with no penalty, or you may turn it in at the end of the 6 weeks for 1 point added to your average.  If the paper/assignment is late without a coupon, 20 points per day will be deducted and you will attend lunch detention for the opportunity to complete the assignment.



  1. Be prepared.  Keep up with your reading, reading journals, and be mature in your reactions to literary pieces.  You will have reading and/or writing assignments nightly.  Have assignments completed upon your arrival to class.  Bring all materials needed for class.
  2. Be polite.  Respect each other’s thoughts, feelings, and possessions.  Please respect the table supplies provided.
  3. Be present.  Attendance is KEY, but so is your focus and attention during class.  Use class time wisely.  Phones are allowed only at teacher discretion to facilitate learning.  At other times they should remain out of sight and on silent mode.  Phones used without permission will be confiscated.



1st Six Weeks:  Lord of the Flies (summer reading); Multi-draft paper: Are people born wicket or is wickedness thrust upon them?

2nd Six Weeks:  Of Mice and Men, selections from The Odyssey; Multi-draft paper: The Importance of Dreams, Journeys, and Heroes.

3rd Six Weeks:  Great Expectations; Multi-draft paper: What Makes a Gentleman/Lady and the Role of Manners (research).

4th Six Weeks:  conclude Great Expectations; Oedipus Rex; Our Town; Multi-draft paper: Advertising

5th Six Weeks:  The Book Thief; Multi-draft paper: Expository prompts

6th Six Weeks:  The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet; Multi-draft paper: Persuasive topic


  • Various short stories, poetry, speeches, essays, and informative articles
  • Timed writings, journal entries, short paragraphs



Dear Parents/Guardians,

This PreAP core academic program’s goal is to go beyond being just aligned with college readiness standards.  It strives to align course expectations, assignments, and activities vertically across grades 9-12, using a set of college readiness standards as a reference point.  It is important you encourage your student to practice self-management skills.  Collecting, organizing, and retaining factual information, taking better notes, managing time more effectively and efficiently, working in teams, and reflecting on the quality of his/her work are good strategies that can be practiced at home.  Students must be prepared for the complexity of applying for college, as well as developing the skills to succeed when once s/he is accepted.  Your encouragement and enforcement is important and appreciated very much.

Please sign below to indicate that you have reviewed my syllabus and the expectations for PreAP English I with your child.  I look forward to working with you as a partner in your son or daughter’s education.




Amber Jones



I have reviewed Mrs. Jones’ syllabus and expectations for Advanced English I and will encourage my son and/daughter to abide by their provisions.


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_________________________________________ (Student printed name)