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Note to Parents



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Parents and guardians,

When it comes to homework, sometimes we can all find ourselves frustrated and exhausted.  In order to minimize these types of feelings, I am including a homework policy not only for your student, but for you.  I understand difficulties when it comes to homework, so please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I am looking forward to working with you to ensure your student is successful! 

For your child to be successful with homework, he/she needs:

  • A place to do homework.  If possible, your child should do his homework in the same place (an uncluttered, quiet space to study).
  • A schedule for completing homework. Set a homework schedule that fits in with each week’s particular activities.  (Easier said than done sometimes!)
  • Encouragement, motivation, and prompting.  It is not a good idea to sit with your child and do homework with him.  Your child needs to practice independently and to apply what s/he has learned in class.  If your child consistently cannot complete homework assignments alone, please contact me.
  • Understanding of the knowledge.  When your child is practicing a skill, ask which steps s/he finds difficult and easy and how he plans to improve speed and accuracy with the skill (i.e. reading a novel).  If your child is working on a project, ask what knowledge s/he is using to complete the work.  If your child consistently cannot answer these questions, please contact me.
  • Reasonable time expectations.  If your child seems to be spending too much time on homework each night, please contact me.

Regular English Late Work Policy:  Students will lose 10 points per day when an assignment is turned in late.  After 2 days, the highest grade a student can attain on the assignment will be a 70.  

Advanced English Late Work Policy: Late work is not accepted.  Students will receive one coupon per six weeks for a late assignment.  If the student does not use the coupon, it can be submitted for 2 points added to average.  Any extenuating circumstances MUST be discussed with me BEFORE the due date.

We are going to have a great year!!  I look forward to meeting you.

Amber Jones/ English 1