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Advanced Biology


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Advanced (Pre-AP) Biology

Course description:
Pre-AP Biology covers topics in considerably more depth than a regular Biology course, utilizes more rigorous lab exercises, and contains a substantial writing component.  This is a study of the fundamental principles of living organisms including physical and chemical properties of life, cellular organization and function, the transfer of energy through metabolic systems, cellular reproduction, the classification of living things, and the six kingdoms will be examined.
My goals are to prepare you for the EOC test and to assist you to become ‚ÄúScientifically Literate‚ÄĚ. To learn how to learn, to develop a curiosity of the world around you, and to use the skills and knowledge of science and technology as they apply to your personal and social decisions.  Biology is the Study of all Living Things.  My goal in teaching Biology is to instill in All Students a deeper appreciation for the complexity of living organisms and an understanding of how they function together and separately.  I believe in presenting the material in a clear and concise manner that will be as interesting as possible.  It is important to me that All Students understand.