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Expectations For 6th Grade Math Students


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Your child will need to come to class each day with pencils, grading pens, math spiral, and homework. He/she will have homework almost daily in order to practice what was taught in class. Not doing homework will result in poor math skills, which may cause your child to fail the class. Please look at your child's homework and make sure that they have completed the assignment each night. If your child is not understanding the assignment, please make arrangements for him/her to begin staying after school so I can monitor more closely what he or she may need extra help understanding. 

We also offer in-school tutorials (8th Period), where our students can come for extra help on assignments. Your child can obtain an assignment sheet each week that can be filled out and turned in the following Monday for a free 100 in the "circled" class. Please check this assignment sheet daily to make sure your student is filling it out and completing the assignments by the due date. 

My role as your child's teacher is to teach the material and make sure they are understanding what is being taught. Your role, as a parent, is to make sure your child is doing what is required in order to be successful in my class. We need to work together to assure success for your child.

I am excited to have your child in my class this year! Please e-mail me with any questions you might have regarding your child's grade or other concerns you may have about math.