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Early ISD

Word from the Director


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Child Nutrition Director Kimberly Leigh

Students, Parents, and Faculty,

Early ISD’S Child Nutrition Department would like to share some information so that we all might have a better understanding of the rules and regulations the federal government holds us to. I would ask you all to take a few moments of your time to look at the meal pattern requirements, calorie, sodium, and fat restrictions. All condiments; mustard, FF mayo, ketchup, FF ranch dressing, tea, etc. must also be included in the nutrient analysis for each meal. We at Early ISD, have made every effort to follow the rules , as we receive federal funds and are required by law to comply. We lose those funds if we do not comply.  The hope is that in the future some of the sodium restrictions will not come to pass. By 2022 they plan for sodium to be reduced to almost half of what we can offer today. Our Snack bar competitive foods and a-la-carte sales are now required to be analyzed by a smart snack calculator; if the item is compliant we may offer it. If it is not compliant we can’t offer the item. This is a real struggle for our HS snack bar entrees. We are making every effort to find more compliant products and will continue to do the best we can for our students and community.


Kimberly Leigh, Child Nutrition Director