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Early ISD

Third Grade


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Our Team

Mrs. Hatton, Mrs. Hunter, Mrs, Richmond,

Mrs. Cutbirth, & Mrs Hutchins


All Instructional Packets Are Due 05/19


05/11 to 05/15 Instructional Packets

3rd grade ELA (1).pdf

3rd grade math (1).pdf

LIFT (2).pdf


05/4 to 05/08 Instructional Packets

3rd grade ELA.pdf

3rd grade Math.pdf

3rd grade LIFT (2).pdf

Mrs. Glenn's 3rd grade NOT online.pdf

Mrs. Glenn's online.pdf


04/27 to 05/01 Instructional Packets

3rd ELAR (1).pdf

3rd Math_Science.pdf

3rd grade LIFT (1).pdf

dyslexia (1).pdf


Previous Instructional Packets

03/23 to 3/37

03/40 to 04/03

04/06 to 04/09

04/13 to 04/17

04/20 to 04/24

3rd grade .pdf

Third Grade.pdf

3rd grade.pdf No New Packets

3rd ELAR.pdf

3rd grade LIFT.pdf


LIFT (1).pdf  

3rd grade Math_Science.pdf

Dyslexia .pdf

3rd grade dyslexia.pdf

3rd grade dyslexia NOT online.pdf  

3rd grade Music_PE (1).pdf

3rd grade Music_PE.pdf

  Dyslexia online packet.pdf  



Flexible Learning Tracking Log Link


Minute Math Videos!

03/24 Perimeter

03/31 Area

04/07 Elapsed Time

04/21 Time

4/5 Comparing Fractions with Same Denominator

4/6 Comparing Fractions with the Same Numerator

4/7 Equivalent Fractions


Story Time Videos!

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

The Nuff

The Wonkey Donkey

Punctuation Celebration


Additional Videos!

Idioms Rock

Easter Bunny Craft Time

04-21 Facebook Live

04-28 Facebook Live


Class Codes

Classroom Codes For Freckle
Hatton - 449znr
Hutchins - gafdsw
Hunter - dn25er
Richmond - 9uh3wk



Mrs. Hutchins and Mrs. Hunter's Epic Class Code




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